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    EVANSVILLE, Ind. (January 9, 2015) – The Evansville Chapter IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals) has been in Evansville for 70 years and has a robust history with tri-state office professionals, businesses, schools, hotels, government, TV/radio stations, and nonprofit organizations.


    IAAP Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri has decreed reorganization ordering all chapters to close.  Therefore the 80-member strong Evansville Chapter IAAP officially closes January 31, 2015.


    Having trained and equipped members for community leadership and conducted hundreds of educational conferences, Administrative Professionals Day observations, as well as community service events, the Evansville Chapter will be missed by many—including our members.  Willard Library Archives will house chapter historical documents including a copy of the chapter’s original charter, the chapter close document, newsletters, HQ magazines, photos, and memorabilia.


    Tri-state office professionals may continue to visit for training opportunities, webinars, and restatement of IAAP goals/mission.


    Chapter members continue to work, live, and grow in Evansville and the tri-state insuring future inspiration and networking will continue after chapter close January 31, 2015.  Further information on local participation will be released as it develops during 2015. 


    For questions, contact Karen Conia or Sharon Katterjohn, CAP-OM 






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IAAP Evansville Membership Info:
Are you ready to advance your career? Joining IAAP will give you tools to move up the ladder of success. For over 60 years, this Association has worked to assist administrative professionals to reach their career goals through educational programs, community building and leadership development.  Go to: Membership Info

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LANs and BRANCHes: The IAAP Revitalization is underway. The most current news is focused on the future Branch and LAN structures. Details can be accessed through the web community, documents will be sent to chapter presidents.
GROW Campaign: We’re excited to announce that, starting November 5, IAAP will be launching a member recruitment campaign called Grow. This campaign will allow IAAP members to take part in helping grow our association and earn some amazing incentives in return.


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The Evansville Chapter was chartered in January 1945 as part of the National Secretaries Association (NSA). The name was later changed from NSA to Professional Secretaries International (PSI). In the 90s when "secretaries" began taking on more administrative duties in the work place PSI was changed to the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP®) at the International Convention in Atlanta, GA, August 1998.  The Evansville Chapter serves the area in and around Southern Indiana and has 80 members.

Chapter sponsors:

  • Access
  • Bauerhaus Catering
  • Holiday Inn Evansville Airport
  • Ivy Tech Community College
  • Koch Enterprises, Inc. 
  • Traylor Brothers, Inc.
  • Vectren

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